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our mission

1. In 1991 Thiru.Sedapatti Muthiah, the former Speaker of Tamil Nadu Assembly visited this society.

2. In 1994, our society had errected 10 bore wells and installed hand pumps with platforms at M.Ramasamypuram, Kattarapatti, Kanavaipatti, Peraiyur, Selarapatti, Kuppalnathan, P.Chettiapatti, E.Kamachipuram, M.Kallupatti and Athipatti Villages and about 300 families were benefitted.

3. In 1995, our society had distributed 600 Hybrid Varieties of coconut chaplings with free of cost for 4 villege people.

4. In 1996 , a project under Waste Lands Development for the Tree plantation in 118 hectare of dry land located along the Reserve Forest Saptur has been prepared for Rs. 14,91,374/- and sent to the Asst. Inspector General of Forest, National Waste lands Development, New Delhi to create Green Revolution, to bring Fcological Restoration and environmental Balance and for the Welfare of the land owners and the public.

5. In 1996, this society sent its Admin, Secretary to New Delhi to under go far an orientation course provided by this National Institute of Public Co-operation and Child development and further created awareness in the area of operation of the society for women Development and child care such as, periodical checkup in pregnancy period, normal delivery, prevention of cesarean, breast feeding, immunization, prevention of infant mortality, arresting of direa, depthira and providing of tribleantition Polio drops.

6. In 1996, Thiru.V.V.D.Dinakaran, M.P. of Periyakulam Constituency visited this society.

7. In 1997, an irrigation Oorani in Athipati Revenue village had been deepened under Food for Work Scheme provided by the CASA (Church Auxiliary for Social Action) through the Diocese of Madurai-Ramnad a Christian Religious Organisation for the welfare of 5 vilrage people.

8. In 1998 this society got the certificate under Foregine Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

9. Central Pollution Control Board -- NCIO's Interaction meet held at Hyderabad on 19-09-1998 Sadse - Admin, secretary Particepated .

10. In 1999, this society got enrolment with the Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi, Government of India.

11. In 2000, this society had started a Tailoring Training Centre for Women Development with the aid of the Social Welfare Department of Tamil Nadu Government.

12. In 2000, Thiru.Thalapathi, M.L.A. of Sedapatti constituency visited this society.

13. In 2001, Rt.Rev.Dr.G.Gnanapragasam, the Bishop of Rhema Church Orgaization visited an irrigation tank with the Administrative Secretary to deepen the tank to have more storage of water for irrigation.

14. In 2001, this society restored a darmented Milk Producers Society at Sempatti village for the benefit of the members.

15. In 2002, this society had further deepend the Oorani in Athipatti Revenue village with the aid of the CASA through the Diocese of Madurai - Ramnad to have water storage for irrigatgion and drinking water for cattles of Sempartti and M.Ramasamypuram villages.

16. In 2003, this society had deepend an irrigation bond measuring 100'x100'x7' with an aid of CASA under Food for Work Scheme through the Diocese of Madura-Ramnad to get water storage for irrigation and drinking purpose for cattles for 5 village people. This work has been inspected by the former Local Administrative Minister Sri.P.Durairaj of Tamilnadu Government.

17. In 2004, this society excavated and deepened a ruined irrigation water supply cannel of 6'x4'x1800' with the assistance provided by the CASA through the Diocese of Madura-Ramnad under Food for Work Scheme to have free flow of tank water for the supply of paddy fields of 5 village people.

18. Two days Training Programme for NGOs provided by in Central Pollution Control Board for the Southern Region held on 15 & l6th August ,2004 — Sadse - Admin , secretary has been Participated .

19. In 2005, this society had started Match Box drawers making wing to provide job for women under Cottage Industry.

20. In 2006, this society had made wide publicity through out the area of operation of this society about the consequences of Aids and the preventive measures under public health and personal hygine through street play and small dramas.

21. In 2007, this society had made wide publicity among the area people and had created awareness to involve with herbal cultivation and in Coco cultivation and also to form mini dairies to have economical development.

22. In 2008, this society had created awareness among the Palmyrah Claimbers to form small societies and encouraged them to have the Parmleave products unit to enhance their economical conditions.

23. In 2009, awareness were generated in all the villages of the area of operation of the society the need of formation of the Mini Milk Supply society and to involve with the Coco cultivation to enhance the income of the people.

24. In 2010, awareness were generated in the area of operation of the society
in Child Care development and Women Development and also in forming, of Sheep rearing groups for the interest and welfare of the people.

25. In 2011, awareness were generated to the Marginal and Small farmers of
the area of operation of the society to get Patta and Chitta to avoid land
grabbing and also the people were motivated to involve with the Chowk tree plantation in their waste lands, to get free legal assistance to protect the aged people ,for the production of "Mushroom" and also to under go for Tailoring and Computer Operation Training for self employment for the welfare of the people.

26. In 2012, awareness were generated to the people of area operation of the
society in Chowk and Teak tree plantation in their Waste lands, to participate in the Watershed Programme to get the work assurance throughout the year and also to involve with Herbal Cultivation for regular income.

27. In 2013, awareness were generated in the group village people to participate in the Grievance day conducted by the Collector and the respective Tahsildars for the change of Revenue Registry to participate in the Health Care planning of the society to avoid Caesarean and Infant Motility.

28. In 2014, awareness were generated in planting of Tamarind, Cashew, Aranelli , Acha, Konnai Vagai Athumarudu and Supporta in the Waste lands of the people to create Green Revolution and to get income from fruit bearing trees fire woods , fodder to the animals and small timbers for 15 to 25 years and also in Herbal cultivation to generate more income to overcome from their poverty line.