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our needs

1. We need assistance to purchase a tractor with trailor and all accessories relating to cultivation such as Ploughing, Panding, leveling, soil training and transplantation of chaplings,and seedlings.

2. We need assistance to purchase a Motor Cycle for Office use and for field visits.

3. We need assistance to purchase a computer, printer and a laptop for office use.

4. We need assistance to purchase infractures for the office use.

5. We need assistance to purchase 100 nos. of Sprayers to apply pesticides for the crops cultivation for the public use.

6. We need assistance to purchase harvester (Machine)

7. We need assistance to purchase 10 acres of lands to start an Industrial Training Institute to provide technical education to the rural poor.

8. We need assistances to deepen the pond measuring 100'x100'x7' to the depth upto 20 ft to have more water, to install 20 hp motors 2 nos, to install pipelines to 30 irrigation open wells for regular water supply from the pond for cultivation 600 acres of wet land and 300 acres of dry lands for the benefit of 150villageā€¢ peoples in Peraiyur Taluk limit.

9. We need assistances to deepen 160 open irrigation wells upto 50 feet from the existing depth to get water supply for regular cultivation.

10. We need assistances to purchase of 600 kg of herbal seeds for 6 varities i.e., Coleus, Tulsi, Gynema, Osylevester, Shatgaver, Kalmegh and Bacopa i.e 100 kg seeds per variety for free distribution to the farmers to encourage them to involve in herbal cultivation for their economical development in the area of operation of the society.

11. We need assistance to start 2 Computer Training Centre to provide _computcra , training for boys and girls to enable them to have self employements.

12. We need assistances to start 5 more Tailoring Training centres to enable the women of the area to have self employment for their earnings