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objectivies of the society

This society is a non Profitable organization formed for the Rural Development to unable the people to help themselves for total development i.e.

a. to cater to the needs of economically socially and educationally weaker section of the area,

b. to develop the cultural out look of the people,

c. to improve the educational and social facilities of the area through Functional literacy, Non -formal and development education.

d. to offer training in productive village and cottage industries and in self employment,

e. to improve Agricultural development in Scientific method and rural based industries,

f. to improve public health (both preventive and curative),

g. to provide facilities for applied nutrition and child care,

h. to promote family welfare, personal hygiene and environmental sanitation,

i. to provide training in scientific agricultural methods and in rural based industries,

j. to provide training in dairy management and animal husbandry,

k. to provide training in Poultry and sheep rearing

l. to provide material and technical services to the rural people in agricultural and other rural development aspects on an integrated basie and also

m. to bring the waste lands that are lying in the area of operation of this society under cultivation in order to maintain self sufficiency and to provide employments to the weaker sections in the area.